so if you’ve been following me since i was a wee baby you know how i feel about the starting line. ever since about the fifth grade i’ve been in love with tsl. the first song i really started to love was stay where i can see you, but at the age of 11 that’s all i could really relate to. as i got older i started going in depth with their lyrics, feeling as if they were narrating every little thing i was going through. now being eighteen, i finally got the chance to see my favorite band for the past seven years and it was honestly the best night i’ve ever had. to be in front of the five men who have been apart of your life emotionally to now being there physically made me so emotional and i’m really not ashamed to say i was bawling like three songs lol. i met mike and brian and although i wish i would have met everyone, i’m glad i at least met 2/5 of the band that changed my life. if it wasn’t for tsl i don’t know who i’d be. i don’t know what music i’d be listening to. the starting line has shaped me and have impacted my life so much. 

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